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WebKut is a screen-capture application for Adobe AIR
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WebKut is a screen-capture application for Adobe AIR. The application is more than anything focused on capturing parts of websites. Basically, WebKut is an Internet browser which allows you to use a tool to select parts of the website to capture. There are three ways in which you can capture content. You can capture the whole webpage, you can capture a selection, which you have to select the same way you do in Photoshop, or you can capture what you are viewing at the moment. The application does a good job of telling what is inside the area you are capturing. But there are some limitations. Some times, when you capture something, if there is any flash content or a PDF file embedded there, the capture might return white spaces to you, as if nothing were on the area you selected. This bug has not been fixed yet. Since this is an Adobe AIR application, it works on any operative system that supports Adobe AIR. The application itself is nice, but the limitations that I mentioned make me not trust this a lot. Also, other screen-capture applications are more complete than this and offer the same functionality.

José Fernández
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